Greg Schwartz
UX Designer


Wireframes and Mockups

I’ll make your app intuitive and easy to use. I’ll be thinking about many questions: “What’s the blank/empty state?”, “Are there other buttons they need on this screen?”, “Should we tell them this later?”

Information Architecture

“What’s the first step our target users take?” “Can we show results before asking them to register?” These are typical questions I’d be thinking about, to architect the app and make functions easy to find.

Clickable Prototypes

When creating a design, I test it with users to make sure it meets their needs. That way I can see challenges and pain-points to solve before release. Plus talking to them allows deeper understanding than a survey.

Collaborate with Engineers

Before my Master’s from Stanford, I was a full-stack engineer. I love collaborating closely with the engineers on my team. Plus I still speak their language: I build personal projects in Swift, Javascript, and Ruby. Sometimes I’ll write pseudo-code to explain how I envision a feature working.

A/B Tests

A/B testing is the best way to measure exactly how effective a design is. It’s also tremendously motivating for the team to see a specific increase in a metric. Plus it’s a powerful way to move beyond opinion vs opinion; instead testing and releasing designs that perform the best.

User Research

Face-to-face research with customers is the most powerful way to understand their needs. I enjoy turning that into useful insight to improve the product, particularly as personas and suggestions for new direction. I’m also skilled at creating clear presentations to explain it to the whole team.


Upwork: How a Skilled UX Designer Successfully Pivoted to Prompt Engineering

From taking on complex projects for clients to leading podcast and mastermind sessions to planning local social events, Greg Schwartz is fully immersed in gaining generative AI and prompt engineering expertise.

Schwartz, an experienced User Experience (UX) designer, started exploring prompt engineering in early 2023 as a way to gain new freelancing clients. However, he initially faced challenges with finding enough information on the emerging concept. Since then, he’s been committed to developing relevant skills, partnering with companies on prompt engineering projects, and sharing his knowledge with others.

Powerful mix of thoughtful product investigation and design. Great presentation abilities.

Chris Finne
CTO, Venrock Associates

Launch of your new design is going well. Before, users invited 1 friend every two days. Today, it’s 12.

John Honovich