One Thought to “In memoriam of Scout”

  1. Ann

    Re: Experiment to make a water fall sound like a real one.

    A single sound is made up of many components. You are missing the speed of the water over rocks, rocks, water falling on rocks, & falling into a large body of water. Also generally there is a cave or echoing. All that and much more creates the thunderous water fall sound.

    However, I lived on Maui, and we had a fake water fall, that was louder than the ocean, and it was 20 ft wide with a a washboard that the water ran over, creating a waterfall sound. It wasn’t the real sound, but it is the closest I’ve heard that was mechanical.

    The wideness and the rocky washboard makes the splashy whoosssh sound.

    I’m a musician and into sound physics for uses health and fun.
    Peace Ann Moss

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