Jo’s surprise birthday party

A while back, Jo had the idea to get me the LEGO Shuttle Adventure Kit for my birthday, and throw me a semi-surprise party. (I don’t like surprise parties, so I’d know something was going to happen, but not what.)

But, she couldn’t keep it a secret, so she told me she was simply going to buy it for me for my birthday, and we could plan a party to have my friends over and build it.

Then I ran across the fact that LEGO Stores can host Birthday Parties, and I decided to throw a surprise party for her. This was the end of May, so I started emailing her friends, trying to find a date that would work for everyone.

Yesterday, I got Jo to come with me to the closest LEGO Store by telling her we needed to pick up my Shuttle Kit. Four of her friends meet us at the store and surprised her, and she was totally floored! She picked out the Emerald Night Train Kit, which I bought (and she bought me the Shuttle Kit).

We then drove to our apartment, while her friends stopped at a Sushi restaurant to grab dinner and brought it over. Three more friends of hers met us at our apartment. We surprised Jo again, with a cake she’d told me she would love if we did birthday cake, and then we ate dinner and started building the train kit.

We had a blast, didn’t finish, and were able to leave the pieces scattered on our living room floor. (There are some advantages to not having a dog!)

It was a good day.